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Mayor's Youth Task Force

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The Mayor's Youth Task Force - Mayor Francis X. Murray

The Mayor’s Youth Task Force is a volunteer community service program open to Rockville Centre Residents in the 6th grade through College.

Volunteers participate in various activities including clean ups and beautification of the Business districts as well as the playing fields and Hempstead Lake State Park. Participants are also responsible for supplemental plantings in the fall and spring seasons. In addition, we respond to the needs of the community by participating in food and clothing drives for various outreach programs located within the Village. We have become increasingly involved in some of the activities with the Sandel Senior Center and look forward to continuing this endeavor. Our goal is to create greater awareness of the importance of community service at a young age.

Please consider joining our force, sign up is available online here and we will contact you by email with upcoming events.
Thank you for your interest in the Mayor’s Youth Task Force!

Mayor Francis X. Murray
Age Grade School
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