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Information Technology - MIS
From digitized records to geographic information, the Village stores a wealth of data in many formats. We maintain databases, data repositories, scanned images of documents, and archives.

We have disaster recovery plans in place to protect and restore our data in case of a catastrophe. We back up and store our vital data at another location.

Administration - We provide server administration services for computers, including virtual computing machines. Server administration includes installing and keeping the operating system and/or software current with patches. IT constantly monitors conditions in the environment and within the servers and will manage any conditions that arise as well as notify the client. Installation of applications require assistance and coordination from IT staff.

The Department also provides administration services for village-wide departments' applications and equipment hosted in the Data Center. This includes the installation and maintenance of servers to ensure servers are running in an optimal manner. Our IT engineers install and set up all server hardware in accordance with government best practices. Also, in conjunction with the hardware OS vendors, IT engineers apply firmware patches and upgrades to systems in accordance with Village policies. We also provide Operating System (OS) support and maintenance for Virtual Machines (VM), Windows, VAX and UNIX systems.

Storage - The Department implements a variety of storage capabilities including tape and disk to meet agencies' requirements for data storage and back up.

Security - IT manages enterprise systems and data by controlling access to the system, data, and resources. It promotes additional controls to limit access at the client level. Controls are in place that dynamically intercepts user requests for services and calls system routines to record and check for appropriate authorization. IT has technical support staff to assist employees with requests for secured services.

Support - The Department of Information Technology normally operates during normal business hours and offers a single point of contact for all employee inquiries related to computer services and the Village's technical infrastructure. We also provide technical analysis, problem solving, and first and second level diagnostics.