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Information Technology - MIS
We maintain the servers, workstations, and network infrastructure needed to connect the computers in the Village. We also provide mobile services for field staff.

Our network infrastructure connects the servers and our workstations, which can be desktop computers, laptops, or people browsing our Web site via the internet. The network consists of traditional cable or fiber cabling and a wireless/internet network that covers the Village.

Networks - The core of our network are routers, switches and firewalls connected to virtual machines and servers which houses data and many of our applications. A group of independent servers contains the data needed for programs throughout the village. This provides more computing power to run applications and protection should a component malfunction.

We provide network support within a village office building or environment enabling data communication among local computing and printing resources for our employees. This involves the infrastructure components and resources. We maintain equipment and technology upgrades (as appropriate), maintenance, configurations, administration, and support of network infrastructure in our village.