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Snow Removal
To report a hazardous condition during a snowstorm, call DPW at 678-9288 or 678-9267.
At all other times, call the Village's 24-hour emergency number at 766-5800.
All other emergencies should go to the Police Department at 766-1500.

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Note that during a snowstorm:
  • Do not park automobiles on the street or in municipal lots. Streets and municipal parking fields must be clear so that snow plows can remove snow.
  • Do not blow or shovel snow into the street. Using snow blowers to blow snow into the street obstructs roadways. Cleared snow must be kept on your property.
  • Remember to clear sidewalks within 24 hours of the end of the storm.

The Snow Removal Process

What the Rockville Centre Department of Public Works Does:

1. Before the Snow Falls

       The Rockville Centre Department of Public Works located at 10 Sunrise Highway uses the fall months to prepare for the upcoming winter months. The Department of Public Works is where vehicles are serviced and equipment is checked. They store about 800 tons of salt and 3,000 gallons of calcium chloride. When snow is expected, someone is always on duty to report when the snow begins to fall.

2. When the Snowfall Starts

       The Department of Public Works employs nearly 50 experienced, full-time workers who are on the job around the clock, if necessary. They operate 20 vehicles dedicated to removing snow from 52 miles of roadway.
       The first step is salting the streets, beginning with the Village's main roads and downtown areas. When the temperatures are very low, liquid calcium chloride is added to the mixture of salt. Applications continue until the streets are cleared or until the snow is too deep for the chemicals to be effective.

3. When the Snowfall Continues

       Plowing becomes more effective than salting when three or four inches of snow have accumulated. The main roads and residential streets are plowed by crews who are assigned to eight plow zones. The crews will be working throughout a storm.
       The first priority is to open the main roads to provide safe access for emergency vehicles and to maintain safe traffic flow. The plows then continue to clear all streets in each zone until every road is safe. If the storm continues, the crews continue working in the same pattern until the storm ends.
       When the snow ends, the trucks begin to clear the intersections and widen out all of the roads by pushing the accumulated snow back to the curbs.

4. After the Storm Is Over

       Our crews continue to monitor all roads for icy conditions and where winds may redeposit snow onto the roadways. Salt and/or sand are usually applied to ensure that all surfaces remain safe to drive on.
       Residents and business owners are reminded that all sidewalks must be cleared within 24 hours after the end of a storm. Residents should NOT throw snow into the roadway when clearing their driveways and sidewalks.
       To report a hazardous condition, call the Department of Public Works at (516) 678-9296. For medical emergencies and the police department call (911).

What Rockville Centre Residents and Business Owners Can Do:

Be Prepared, Be Aware, Be Patient

       Before it snows, make sure you have your tools and supplies handy such as shovels, ice chippers, snow blowers, salt, sand and calcium chloride. If you hire someone to do snow removal, make sure your arrangements are in advance. PLEASE move cars off of the street.
       Please do not go out during or immediately after a snowstorm unless it is necessary. Crews have many hours of hard work to clear away the snow. The crews will be able to do their job more quickly and completely if there is less traffic on the roads. In the best conditions, it can take 8 to 10 hours after the snow has stopped falling to complete the snow removal operations.
       Snow removal is a difficult and time consuming task. Please understand The Department of Public Works cannot shovel out your driveway entrance or plow out any private property.

Tips and Suggestions

1. If snow is expected, move your cars into the driveway. Parking on the streets during a snowstorm is prohibited.
2. If you are shoveling out the entrance of your driveway, never throw snow directly into the street. Shovel onto the curb-strip or other area of your property.
3. If possible, finish clearing your driveway AFTER the final widening pass by the snow plow. This is usually 3 to 10 hours after the snow stops falling, (depending on the severity of the storm). DO NOT throw snow into the street.
4. If you have to go out during hazardous driving conditions, please remember to drive slowly, brake slowly, allow plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front of you and watch for sudden obstructions.
5. Plan alternate ways to travel to main routes and to your place of employment. Please give yourself extra time to get there.
  The Rockville Centre Fire Department reminds you to clear snow away from any fire hydrants on your property so they may be located easily in case of an emergency.


For more information, visit the New York State Emergency Management Office website at:

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