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Tax Grievance
 Bulk Submissions - Representatives:

You may file a Tax Grievance complaint during the filing period of:
February 1, 2018 to February 20, 2018

: To lookup land and total assessed values by Section, Block and Lot, click here.

The following Microsoft Excel Files must be filled in using Village of Rockville Centre specifications:
One is for Residential Grievances, the other is for Commercial Grievances.

Residential Excel File

Commercial Excel File

Instructions for Representatives:

Supply three (3) printouts for each Excel spreadsheet. One (1) copy will be date stamped and returned to you.

Supply a CD disk for Residential Grievances (with an additional copy), and another CD disk for Commercial Grievances (with an additional copy).

- The CD (and copy) for Residential Grievances must contain the following:

- The CD (and copy) for Commercial Grievances must contain the following:

- Each CD disk must be labeled with the following:

Sample directory of a submitted CD containing 5 Residential grievances and one Excel file:

Sample CD Disk Label:


Additional instructions on PDF filenames:

The filenames of the PDF files must be in a specific form to match them up to the records in the excel file.
This form is: SEC_BLK_LOT.pdf. Section, Block and Lot are separated by underscore (_) characters.
For example, a property with Section Block Lot of 38 54 23 will have a filename of 38_54_23.pdf
The underscore (_) character will separate the Section Block Lot in the filename.
The extension, of course, must be ‘.pdf’

If needed, another/other identifier(s) can be added to the filename AFTER the SEC_BLK_LOT using another underscore character (_).
For example: 38_54_23_123 Sunrise Hwy.pdf
The SEC_BLK_LOT_ MUST BE the left-most characters in the filename.