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Swimming Pool Safety
As the warmer weather approaches it is the optimum time to assure that those residents that have or are planning to install swimming pools to check that all permit, fencing, pool alarm and related safety precautions are met in accordance with New York State and Local Codes.

It is our continued intention to assure that the proper safety precautions are implemented and continuously maintained during the life of your pool in an effort to protect the safety of all our residents and guests.

Kindly conduct an evaluation of your pool facilities and contact the Building Department at 678-9247 for a no cost evaluation to assure that all fencing, safety and electrical codes are met to assure your continued safety and enjoyment of your swimming pool.

For further code and safety requirements and information; you are encouraged to visit our Village Building Department “help topics” website at http://www.rvcny.us/bldhelp.html and the New York State, Division of Code Enforcement and Administration swimming pool safety criteria information link at: http://www.dos.ny.gov/DCEA/pools.htm.

Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable swimming pool season.