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Tax Grievance
Complaint on real property assessment in 2 steps

Before you start, read:
Instructions for Filing Complaint on Real Property Assessment - 2018

You may file a Tax Grievance complaint during the filing period of:
February 1, 2018 to February 20, 2018

Step 1:
Download, save to your PC and fill out form RP-524 (click here for form).
This form MUST be in Adobe PDF format and signed with a digital ID or a signature.
A completed scanned copy in Adobe PDF format is acceptable for submission.
For instructions on how to fill out form RP-524, click here.
The completed RP-524 PDF form must be saved to your PC and will be submitted online in Step 2.

NOTE: To lookup your TENTATIVE 2018 land and total assessed values by Section, Block and Lot, click here.

Step 2:
File online:

Residential Property - click here.
                     - OR -
Commercial Property - click here.

Please Note: If you are a Tax Certiorari and would like to file bulk submissions, please click here.